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Last Update: 31 January 2007

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"Ringe, ringe, raja,
dosao Čika Paja,
jedno jaje muć,
a mi djeca cuć!"
"Ljulju ljulju ljuske,
na moravi kruske"
"Zavicaju, mili kraju,
u kom sam se rodio,
Duse moje, slatki raju
ko te ne bi voleo"
"Bio jednom jedan stari bastovan,
sadio je (sangarepu) skoro svaki dan,
narastlo je nekoliko tona,
jedva da bi stalo na dva kamiona"

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Our adventure...

From: Matic, Tina
Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2007 11:27 PM
To: Powellcordon, D.ann; Oxf_Staff
Subject: RE: Tina Matic update

Frightening times is right, we had a scary few weeks, there... thanks, Ann, for passing on the news and thanks to all for your positive thoughts and prayers... things are MUCH better now... here's the low-down (feel free to delete if you're not interested... it's the outline for my book, ha!):

12/15/06 - my last day @ OA, and baby's due date... still no sign of him, though

12/18 - Hernan (my husband) suffered facial paralysis (Bell's Palsy:, eerily similar to stroke, so we went to the ER immediately & got meds

12/19 - my sister and family came to visit & stay with parents (where we were staying) while our construction was still not done (!)... but we had to make room, so the cousins went to our house & Hernan and I to a nearby hotel to avoid paint fumes, dust, etc.

12/21 - water breaks (late p.m.), off to hospital (early a.m. of 12/22)

12/22 @ 1:35 p.m. - Konstantin Espinosa arrives! after 15 hours of labor, with a fractured clavicle... (you think 9 1/2 lbs. is big??? talk to Fabi!!! INCREIBLE!!!!)

12/24 - home! :) ...where the cousins had decorated our tree and newly re-done house... beautiful surprise! Also, yummy Colombian Christmas foods waiting for us :)

12/25 - Kosta gets a fever, so we rush to the ER (again, late p.m./early a.m.)... dehydrated, so the spinal tap AND catheter have to be done TWICE (this is on a 3-day old baby)

12/26 - admitted to CHOC... gotta do tests to rule out meningitis and other scary things... IVs and tubes all over the place, fractured clavicle arm taped down to reduce movement, antibiotics to flush out system, blood samples taken daily (from wherever the least poked area was at that time... poor elbows and ankles!), longest 4 days and nights of my life... Hernan and I took turns the first night, but then we ended up moving in and he made trips home for (better) food & clothes, etc., as needed... I'm a very lucky woman, he's been amazing.

12/29 - discharged, everything under control, HOME!

1/2/07 - 1st pediatrician visit, Kosta gaining weight, clavicle healing/no need to tape down!, more blood tests ordered... ugh!

1/3 - lactation consultant appointment, baby and mom have thrush (yeast infection in his mouth from antibiotics taken at CHOC, which passed to me and explained why breastfeeding was horribly painful) - yucky meds prescribed for both of us

1/7 - no way we're leaving the house for church, but we celebrate Orthodox Xmas at home

1/8 - pediatrician visit #2, looking even better, more blood tests just to be sure (came back clear!)...

...and now we're dealing with thrush, but heck, we're home, and it's all good... and yes, my mom also went to the ER during these hectic days (abcess on the liver due to arthritis medicine), leaving my dad and sister to take care of both 95-yr. old grandmothers which was also a challenge, one who's semi-immobilized from 2 strokes...

So, anyway, on the brighter side of things... we're doing well now and enjoying the love and time together :))) amazing, what a child can do to you... enjoy the pics, and again, thanks for your positive thoughts...

Chao for now,



From: Powellcordon, D.ann
Sent: Thu 1/11/2007 7:43 AM
To: Oxf_Staff
Subject: Tina Matic update

Happy New Year everyone! Just an update, I telephoned Tina yesterday just to congratulate her on Constantine's birth and just to catch up. Consta came home for one day and somehow came down with a fever, so back they went to CHOC. Well, after a week of tubes and medicines, he is now home and doing fine.Then,Tina's mom had a reaction to meds and off they again go to ER, then Hernan was ill with Bell's Palsy. Wow, she and her family have had some three weeks! I know she would appreciate cards and emails, but since she is so tired, perhaps phone calls at this time could be postponed. She seems to be in good spirits, but has had some frightening times. merci Ann P-C

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