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¡Hola y bienvenidos a los padres de familia!
(Hello and welcome, Parents!)

This is the English translation of the main page of my website, and the main portal for parents & guardians of the students in my Spanish classes. I have not translated all of the pages within this site because that would be an enormously time-consuming project that would not meet the needs of students OR parents. However, I have provided translations of important policies and information that both students and parents should be aware of, and they include these:

Homework Policy | Spanish III Curriculum Letter
AP Spanish Language Description & Objectives
National Foreign Language Standards (The 5 Cs)
My Teaching Philosophy | CV | Extra-Curricular Activities & Events

I have also created a page dedicated to Supporting the Students in Foreign Language Acquisition for both Spanish-speaking and non-Spanish-speaking parents, which I hope you will find useful. (Visiten la página de APOYO AL ESTUDIANTE EN SU APRENDIZAJE DE UN IDIOMA EXTRANJERO para más información importante para todo padre de familia.) Many questions posed to me at Back to School Night and Open House are addressed there, as well as volunteer opportunities and parent conference information. I welcome any other questions or comments you might have!

My e-mail address:
OA Phone Number: 714.220.3055

I look forward to guiding your student on the road to FLUENCY ¡EN ESPAÑOL!, and encourage your active participation in this rewarding and challenging endeavor!

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2004-05 Year of Languages
(U.S. Senate Resolution 170)
(Foreign Language Association of Orange County)
(California Language Teachers Association)
The 5 C's
(National Standards for Foreign Language Education)
(American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages)
(American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese)
(Spanish Honors Society, sponsored by AATSP)